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Final Year Project (Heat Sensor) - 15216 Words

Abstract This report contains an account of my final year project, which was carried out in the two and half year of the Electronic and Electrical of Engineering (EEE) diploma at Institut Teknologi dan Pengurusan Lebuh Victoria. This paper is based on the design and analysis of Heat Sensor with water pump system using cooling fan to reduce the temperature. This project was done to see the operation of heat sensor and how the water pump system and the cooling fan work. This project is divided into two parts namely software and hardware development. Also, it includes two circuits that need to be designed and developed, specifically analogue and digital part. Hence, to prove the circuit works, the simulation of the output need to be shown.†¦show more content†¦Almost any type will work. Different models from 10k-60k will work fine. Only modification in trimmer is needed. Replace the trimmer pot with suitable value. Another name for the thermistor is ‘NTC’. NTC stands for ‘Negative temperature Co-efficient’. Which means surrounding temperature decreases the resistance of this thermistor decreases. P1 is a regular Preset potentiometer and adjusts a wide range of temperature for this circuit. We use a regular type Preset but a regular Bourns trimmer potentiometer will work for a bit finer adjustment. R1 is a ‘security’ resistor just in case the trimmer pot P1 is adjusted all the way to ‘0’ ohms. At which time the thermistor would get full 12Volts and may burnt out. R3 is the feedback resistor. The op-amp is working in inverting mode. If we would not put any feedback the circuit may become oscillatory or unstable. R3 makes a negative feedback, prevents oscillation and makes operation of comparator stable. Transistor Q1 can be a 2N2222(A), 2N3904, NTE123A, ECG123A, etc. Any power transistor will equally well. It acts only as a switch for the relay so almost any type will work, as long as it can provide the current needed to activate the relay’s coil. D1, the 1N4148, acts as a spark arrestor when the contact of the relay opens and eliminates false triggering. When the relay coilShow MoreRelatedSolar Powered Automobile Automation For Heat Stroke Prevention Essay1671 Words   |  7 PagesSolar Powered Automobile Automation for Heat Stroke Prevention Navtej Swaroop Singh1,a) Ishan Sharma 2, b) Santosh Jangid3, c) 1Final Year Electronics Deptt of Electronics,BKBIET,Pilani(Raj) . 2III Year Electronics Deppt of Electronics,BKBIET,Pilani(Raj) 3Santosh Jangid,Asst Professor,Deptt of ElectronicsBKBIET Pilani(Raj) a) b) c) Abstract. Now a day’s heatstroke in vehicles is rapid problems in every part of the world.Read MoreApplication Essay for UIUC Community819 Words   |  4 Pageshelped me identify my career path. Art is an exacting field. It demands precision, tolerance and imagination. I learned patience and dedication when I bent over drawings and portraits for years, while trying to match them perfectly with the picture in my minds eye. Several hours of practice a day for many years on vocal and instrumental music made me realize the benefits of hard work and perseverance. I stepped out of my comfort zone with theater and tapped my creative potential. Learning differentRead MoreA Profile Of Interdisciplinary Senior Design Project1250 Words   |  5 PagesA Profile of Interdisciplinary Senior Design Project Abstract: Interdisciplinary undergraduate engineering programs have increased in importance and significance over past few years. Interdisciplinary research areas are strongly motivated to become disciplines themselves. If they succeed, they can establish their own research funding programs and make their own tenure and promotion decisions. Interdisciplinary studies can also give skills that help future engineers to cope in a changing environmentRead MoreApplication for Master Degree in Theory and Computational Science955 Words   |  4 Pagescomputer science and mathematics. In my junior year, I participated in the prestigious robotic contest-Robocon 2007 with my peers. It was an eye-opening experience as I got an opportunity to manufacture a robot from scratch– from designing, assembling to programming. I was extensively involved in programming it, using C++ language for path planning and motion control. During this phase, I learned about different algorithmic strategies like Line a nd Sensor-based Algorithm, Fuzzy Logic etc. that couldRead MoreEnvironmental Sustainability : Carbon Emissions1180 Words   |  5 Pagesimproving printer consumption emissions, and monitoring vehicular emission production, by doing this they will help the government reach their 2020 goal of emission reduction. (, 2015) Queensland Sustainable Schools Initiative The final fund is the Queensland Sustainable Schools Initiative, this fund aims to integrate environmental education and sustainability aspects into Queensland Schools. This initiative is designed for the community and schools to come together to contributeRead MoreDesigning A Gantt Chart And Conduct A Feasibility Study Of An Electrical And Electronic Based Project4838 Words   |  20 Pagesproblem which had arose this year, we had to get into groups and decide what project to undergo for this second year of the degree course. When groups were created we were sharing ideas of project we would do and if they were possible to make or not. We could not have a small project because we were in a group of 3 so we had to make sure the project was big enough to do for group of 3 members. The purpose of the project was to build an electrical and electronic based project which involved circuitryRead MoreEssay about Line Follower Robot5716 Words   |  23 Pages5 Ongoing a most advanced projects on line-following robots or line-following based robots: 5 Aims: 6 Objectives: 6 Requirements: 6 System Decomposition 7 Group Management Structure 9 Name of the Robot 9 Mechanical Design 10 Technical Options, Critical Review and Final Design Choice 10 Option 1 10 Option 2 11 Review of the Frame 12 Review of the Wheels 12 Final Design 13 Electronic Design 14 Technical Options, Critical Review and Final Design Choice 14 The ControlRead MoreApplication Of A Temperature Controller2052 Words   |  9 Pagessection. The correct cooler system, microcontroller and LCD are the major components that need to be selected according to design constraints. The final project will be low cost and auto-tuning which is an automated process based on the temperature gap. This controller needs to respond quickly in a short time when temperature is transmitting. Temperature Sensor for Control System MLX90614 Figure 2. 1: MLX90614 [3] Unlike most temperature, the MLX90614 is an Infra-Red thermometer which is non-contactRead MoreMy Father Being An Engineer1417 Words   |  6 Pageschallenging mathematical problems. Due to my academic excellence, I was nominated to participate in different competitions (Math and Physics Olympiad) on behalf of my college and obtained 1st prize in â€Å"Inter college Math Olympiad† for two consecutive years. Through hard work and determination I excelled at every step of my primary and secondary education life and always ranked among the top students. My true journey in the field of engineering started when after passing a very competitive qualifyingRead MoreA Research Study On Cloud Computing1807 Words   |  8 Pagesdata centers. It also facilitates data protection from external and climatic factors. Also, power is generated from water based sources. The study highlights the pros and cons of the invention with the help of a test performed by Microsoft known as Project Natick in the form a case study. I. INTRODUCTION Internet of things enables embedded intelligence system and smart ways to present things then what they did before by increasing efficiency and reliability also presenting the optimized solutions

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The Most Forgotten Fact Regarding Best Research Papers for Sale Revealed

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Employment Law Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act

Question: Discuss about theEmployment Lawfor Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act. Answer: Health and Safety at Workplace The Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act, 2000 requires that the individuals working in the workplace have to be safe and be protected (Government of Alberta, 2012). The various aspects of this act, relevant to this hospital, have been summarized below. Responsibilities of Supervisor Getting the workers involved in controlling and identifying the hazards. Communication of the responsibilities, along with the rights of the workers, to the workers. Undertaking due diligence for meeting the purpose of this act. Training the workers adequately to perform their functions. Notifying the employees about potential hazards (Ministry of Labour, 2015). Responsibilities of Workers Refusing any work which poses a threat to their safety. Participating in controlling and identification of hazards. Making certain that their work does not prove as a threat to others. Giving full cooperation in implementation of this act. Knowing their responsibilities and rights (Alberta Government, 2015). Components of the Health and Safety Management System Identification of Workplace Hazards It is crucial that all the potential and possible hazards in the workplace are identified. This is because by identifying the hazards which can occur in future, such hazards can be avoided all together (Ministry of Labour, 2015). In a hospital, it has to be ensured that the toxic waste does not come in contact with any individual and any possibility of such happening has to be avoided. Occupational Health and Safety Training In order to ensure that the workers do their work in an efficient manner, they have to be trained. Such training helps in avoiding the potential hazards which can arise due to lack of knowledge regarding how to do a task in a safe manner (Ministry of Labour, 2015). In a hospital, it has to be ensured that the individuals responsible for preparing the food for the patients or the workers, are trained for avoid a fire hazard. Workplace Inspections The workplace has to be properly and regularly inspected so that everything works in a proper manner. Such workplace inspections help in identifying and taking appropriate actions on the potential hazards (Ministry of Labour, 2015). All the equipments in the food department, for instance the ovens and stoves are to be properly inspected and any shortfall has to be fixed. Accident Investigation All the hazards which turn into workplace accidents have to be investigated so that the cause behind such accident can be identified. Also, this helps in formulating policies which can avoid a repetition of the same in future (Ministry of Labour, 2015). An accident investigation into a fall of an individual can reveal that due to the failure of housekeeping in keeping the floor clean, the accident occurred. Not only the person can be held responsible due to such investigation but also the reoccurrence of such can be avoided (Canadian Centre for Occupational Health Safety, 2014). Accident Reporting The act, through section 18 requires the accidents to be reported, in cases where the individual dies or is admitted in hospital for more than 2 days (Alberta Queens Printer, 2016). Accident report can help in providing Medicare to such worker who may otherwise refuse medical assistance (Ministry of Labour, 2015). The injury resulting due to the failure of the housekeeping, if results in the individual being admitted in hospital for over two days, has to be reported. Importance of the Health and Safety Management System Identification of workplace hazards Avoiding the hazards from occurring (Government of Alberta, 2017). Training the workers to be safe from a hazard. Occupational Health and Safety Training Being aware about the manner in which a hazard is to be dealt with. Preventing such hazard from occurring Workplace Inspections Making sure that the workplace is thoroughly inspected for potential hazards. Formulating policies for the hazards identified during inspection. Accident Investigation Establishing the root cause of the accident. Helping in avoiding the accident from occurring again. Accident Reporting Compliance with the applicable provisions of the act. Providing the care needed for the safety of the worker. Two Types of Metrics The key thing in a hospital is that the food being provided to the workers and the patients is safe and has not been adulterated in any manner. For ensuring this, every time the food leaves the kitchen, it is inspected on the food guidelines. Moreover, the cooking team is required to wear proper gear for working. Also, the kitchen equipments are checked twice a day, to avoid any hazard as a result of malfunctioning of machinery. The housekeeping services are checked through the housekeeping guidelines and a maintenance checklist as an evidence for the inspection is maintained. This checklist is to be filled once a day or every time a patient is discharged and a new patient is admitted. References Alberta Government. (2015). Hazard Assessment and Control: a handbook for Alberta employers and workers. Retrieved from: Alberta Queens Printer. (2016). Occupational Health and Safety Act. Retrieved from: Canadian Centre for Occupational Health Safety. (2014). OSH Answers Fact Sheets. Retrieved from: Government of Alberta. (2012). Occupational health and safety. Retrieved from: Government of Alberta. (2017). Physical Hazards. Retrieved from: Ministry of Labour. (2015).

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Analytical Essay Sample on #8220;The Picture of Dorian Gray#8221; by Oscar Wilde

Analytical Essay Sample on #8220;The Picture of Dorian Gray#8221; by Oscar Wilde In Oscar Wilde’s classic novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, imagery affects the story as a whole. One image that can be traced throughout the entire novel, is the actual portrait of Dorian Gray. This portrait in itself can be divided into three separate stages, depending on the severity of Dorian’s cruelty. As the novel progresses, these images transform from one stage to another. This successful usage of imagery makes this novel truly terrifying, but at the same time, quite enjoyable. The first significant stage of Dorian’s portrait might be called the beautiful stage. Basil Hallward paints Dorian’s portrait in the beginning pf the novel, and, it is said to be his best work yet. The picture not only illustrates Dorian’s true outer beauty, but it also accentuates on his stunning youthful image. The portrait is given to Dorian to keep for himself to remember how lovely he looked in his youthful days. Basil and Dorian alike adore the portrait, however they have no idea of what is in store them in the future. The next stage of Dorian’s ever changing portrait is slightly changed from the fine-looking image of the novel’s beginning. Dorian falls in love with Sibyl Vane, a beautiful and extremely talented young actress, and goes to see her perform almost every night. He becomes engaged to her and, rightly so, decides to bring his friends along with him to show off his future bride at one of her performances. Sibyl, however, realizes that she is in love, and decides that she need not act to her full potential. In fact, she performs horribly and disgusts Dorian and his friends alike. After the show, Dorian becomes furious with Sibyl and declares his love for her null and void. Soon thereafter she commits suicide and Dorian’s picture suddenly changes. Almost everything is still intact except for his smile. It has changed from the once beautiful smile, to a cruel and evil looking grin. From here on, the portrait changes from day to day in an increasingly malicious way. The third and final stage of the portrait represents Dorian in a full fledged evil form. While the picture has been changing all throughout the novel, it takes a dramatic change when he single-handedly kills one of his best friends. Basil follows Dorian into his house and wants to see his, as he remembered, beloved picture of Dorian. While looking at the portrait in amazement and confusion, Dorian lashes out upon him in a mad rage. He stabs Basil again and again in the head for reasons no one will ever know. After this incident, Dorian’s portrait changes even more. He realizes that there is a look of cunning in his eye, along with scarlet blood stains on his hands. In closing, Dorian’ picture reaches an all time level of wickedness, and, because of this, he attempts to destroy it for good, but ends up killing himself in return. Finally, the imagery that Oscar Wilde uses so well in Dorian Gray affects the novel greatly in whole. As the portrait changes, so does the mood and the actions of the characters. At first, when the portrait is beautiful, everyone is happy, and it seems as though nothing could ever go wrong. As Dorian’s life of crime gradually begins to accelerate, however, things begin to change. The mood tends to shift from a joyful tone, to more of a ghastly and horrifying one. This is not fully shown until the novel shifts eighteen years into the future. Rumours are constantly being spread about Dorian and his disgraceful habits while weather is constantly dark and gloomy. Another peculiar fact is that not one person dies in the novel until Dorian’s behavior begins to change. When the portrait is in its opening stages, only Sibyl Vane dies. When the portrait is in its closing stages, however, Basil, James Vane, and Dorian himself all meet death themselves. In conclusion, Dorianâ€⠄¢s portrait changes the whole mood of the novel, and has some effect on everyone in the novel, whether it be directly or indirectly. In conclusion, imagery plays a significant role in Dorian Gray. The one significant image, the portrait, is seen constantly throughout the novel. As the image changes, so does everything else in the story. The picture not only affects the way the characters act, but it also affects the mood in return. In closing, Dorian Gray’s portrait coincides perfectly with the mood and actions of the characters, which range from perfection and harmony to evil and cruelty.

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Course outline Essay Example

Course outline Essay Example Course outline Essay Course outline Essay A key goal is for students to achieve the competence, self-assurance, and know-how needed to face the opportunities and challenges of the global community in which we all live. This course area will help develop understandings of the variety of ways that the past has been brought into and understood in the present. Students will also learn about the core concepts of history, culture, and globalization, which will be discussed in the context of the contemporary global issue in question. The contemporary issue that we will face in this class is Revolution. Revolution can be fined as rapid, often violent, political, social, economic, and cultural change in a country or region over a fairly short period of time. During the past year and a half, revolutions have swept the Arab World from North Africa through the Middle East. Long entrenched rulers were driven from power in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, and Libya. Daily we read in the press about the bloody struggle Oust this week the UN has estimated 60,000 people have died) the Syrian people have waged to overthrow the Sad family, which has been in power for some 40 years. Depending on what appends in Syria, other nations such as Iran, may also erupt in full-scale rebellion. The Arab Spring has significance today and for the future, not only for the Middle East and North Africa, but also for the entire world. In this course, we shall examine the origins, course, and significance of Revolutions in their political, economic, social, comparative, and cultural aspects during the past two hundred years through case studies of France (1789-1815), Russia (1917-1934), Mexico (1911-1921), China (1945-1976), Iran (1979), 1968 and 1989 Global Revolutions, and currently the Arab oral. Regarding the book review (10%), the students will have to select a book on one evolution, read at least 50 pages from the book, and write a review summarizing and critiquing the book. A list of selected books will be passed out for students to choose from. The review will be due at the end of the eighth week of classes. By the end of the fourth week, the instructor will pass out a list of questions, based on the cultural aspects off revolution. The students will have to select a different revolution from the one selected for the book review, select one question from the list, and write an essay (10%) of 2-3 pages. The student must credit all sources through footnotes at he bottom of each page, and a bibliography at the end of the essay. Furthermore the essays must employ the basic rules of English grammar and usage. The essay will be due at the end of the semester or week 14. At least 50% of the sources for the essay have to come from published books and academic articles found in the library or the library e-Journal web site. Information found on the internet should be avoided doing the research for your essay. Participation (10%). Participation in class is very important. At the start of each class, I will ask four or five students at random to briefly answer a question based on the previous lecture. While the class is very large, each student will have the opportunity to answer at least one question during the course of the semester. This exercise will ensure that students attend each class, and pay attention to the material given at the lecture as well as keep up with the weekly readings. Quizzes (40%) There will be four (4) quizzes.

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Project Exponential Decay Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Project Exponential Decay - Assignment Example Many researchers have fronted the idea that radioactive decay occurs in an exponential manner. According to the quantum theory, the half life of an element remains predictable. Yet, it is impossible to predict the exact moment an isolated nucleus of an atom will disintegrate in radioactive decay (Brady, 2009). It is against this knowledge that this research results were based. Mathematically, the results obtained from throwing a six-sided dice have been shown to follow an exponential pattern/ distribution. The experiments discussed were designed to display the relevance of throwing a dice to that of radioactive decay. In the first experiment, ten six-sided dice were thrown and the numbers that appeared each time recorded. The procedure was repeated each time removing a dice that had six after throwing. This was continued until all the dice had been emptied. The experiment was repeated using a limitless Excel number generator and finally with a 10-sided dice. As expected, the first experiment showed a gradually decreasing trend, synonymous with exponential decay. At time t=0 the total number of dice was 10. This corresponded to the number of un-decayed nuclei as explained by Murray and Hart (Murray, Arthur & Hart, 2012). Subsequent results were recorded as follows: t=1; 7 dice left, t = 2; 4 dice left, t=3; 4 dice left, t=4; 3 dice left, t=5; 1 dice left, and t=6; 0 dice left. These results are better displayed in the graph below. The second experiment involved 10 trials. At the time point t=0 there were 20 dice. Subsequent trials indicated the number of dice remaining per time as indicated in the graph. Apparently, there was a constant display after the eighth trial. These results are displayed in the graph below. The third experiment was based on 398 dice to begin with, representing an equal number of un-decayed nuclei. This was marked as the